post acute care consulting.

Recent Healthcare Reform will greatly affect the ways Post-Accute providers interact, coordinate care, perform and ultimately receive reimbursements. Understanding these reforms and anticipating their impact is an imperative to achieving success and maintaining financial solvency.

Denise Wassenaar, RN, MS, NHA
Denise Wassenaar, RN, MS, NHA

A recognized leader in long term care.

Denise Wassenaar brings innovative strategies and solutions to the changing environment of the post acute provider. In the last 25 years Denise's expertise has developed through leadership positions held in post acute care service management. As President of Alliance Pharmacy Denise implemented organizational best practices resulting in significant financial and clinical improvements. Throughout her career Denise has focused on the improvement of care for the geriatric population through the implementation of best practices and management of outcomes. This focus lead to the development of several initiatives including: A case management system for nursing home providers; the design and research proven skilled nursing acuity tool, and the development of a comprehensive assessment program Senior LIFEsteps which is used to evaluate a senior's functional status and recommend corresponding support services through the Wassenaar Continuum Scale. Denise's broad range of expertise includes experiences as an Administrator of a hospital-based skilled nursing unit and Nurse Practitioner of Internal Medicine for a managed care organization. The culmination of these experiences enhances her understanding of the current challenges faced by post acute providers.

Denise is a national speaker on topics of healthcare reform, outcome management, best practices, and clinical reengineering. She has also taught healthcare and nursing curriculum as adjunct faculty for various universities. Denise earned both her Bachelors and Masters Degree from Purdue University, Calumet and is a licensed nursing home administrator.

Denise is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, as well as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in gerontology earning both her Bachelors and Masters Degree from Purdue University, Calumet.

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